I received a damaged/defective item. What should I do?

Contact r4iGold4 as soon as possible with a photo showing the d
mage, and we will reship your order.

I have entered my voucher codes but the discount was not applied.

Once the transaction has been made, the discount should be showing on your electronic receipt, however; if the discount was not applied after you have checked the electronic receipt from r4iGold4, contact us immediately with the voucher codes, and we’ll process a partial refund.

I changed my mind. How can I cancel?

We ship the next day. Our process has been automated. You should contact us within 24 hours, and we will cancel the order. If by any chance that the transaction was made a day before, we can no longer cancel, as we have already shipped the order by that time.

Is there an instruction manual?

It will depend on the brand if they include the manual in their packaging. If by any chance the manual is not included, you can find easy-to-follow instructions on our site.

I did not receive a confirmation email. Is my order processed?

Our system is designed to send a confirmation email and electronic receipt automatically. Kindly check the email address you have used on the order. You can also contact us if you need to change your email address on our system.

I received the order but got the wrong product.

It’s very rare that this could happen. But if this happens to you, kindly send us a photo of the product you have received along with the packaging label.