How to Fix Flash Card Common Issues

Flashcard is a great solution for Nintendo console issues. But they are not perfect. You might experience the following common errors encountered by many players. The troubleshooting is easy and doesn’t require special skills.

“There is No Game Card” Error

If you encounter “there is no game card” error, it means there is a connection problem between the card and equipment. Try to insert the card again, and make sure that it is inserted firmly to the equipment. If the error still persists, try to clean the slot-1’s ring finger with a cloth or a gentle brush. Try to check for any signs of rust or oxidation. Dirt and other elements may prevent the connection from being successful once the card is inserted. Always keep your equipment clean and free from dust.

“The Card is Not Supported” Error

gameboyThe card is not supported error is a sign that your version is too old. First, check your settings. The “automatic updates” should be checked or if not make sure it’s checked to prevent this error from happening in the future. However if “automatic updates” is enabled yet you encounter this issue, it might be an equipment issue. You can get rid of this error by simply updating the version of your console’s system. Visit the kernel’s website and download the latest version. If you need help on the steps, visit How to Use R4 Flash Card to Play DS Back Up.

Black Screen

black screenThe black screen might be an indication of a damaged file. The solution is simple. You don’t have to get out, find rental cars coupon code & discounts to visit a technician just to fix this issue. You need to find out where the error is coming from, is it from the console itself or the card? Try using a different card, if the black screen didn’t persist, it’s positive that you need to reformat the card. However, if your equipment has the issue, more troubleshooting is required.

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  1. Black screen be like, “please don’t be a console problem.” I’d rather pay for a new flashcard rather than having my equipment fixed. There are so few technicians who can fix issues with Nintendo DS.

  2. I hope you could write about changing the settings. I would like to make some configurations in my Nintendo Lite.

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