R4i Gold is the Best Alternative for Playing High-End Games

R4i Gold has been recently released. There are more reasons why gamers should be excited about this new technology. Players all around the world can now save money on electronics by simply converting their games and save them to R4i Gold cards.


It Supports Multiple Nintendo Consoles

Players don’t have to do major upgrades on their gaming console. R4i Gold cards provide all the solutions to all the problems related to Nintendo consoles. It supports 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS consoles. Even you are using the Nintendo lite, you can now start playing games that were made available for higher versions of Nintendo consoles. Normally, you have to buy a newly released console to play new games, but with the help of this card, there is no need to buy a new one.

No Booting Tool Required

dsIt’s quite annoying when you have to boot your console every time you need to install a game. Let’s all face it, this takes time. With R4i Gold Card, you no longer have to wait a long time. You can easily install games. It has a clean ROM and drag and drop enabled. The best part, it works with any Operating System. R4i Gold Card eliminated the need to boot the device when installing a new game or adding updates in amsterdam city sightseeing bus stops. It’s plug and play that lets you have more time for play instead of burning time setting up the program, unlike the previous versions of this flash drive.
Installation becomes easier because the updates are installed directly to Micro SD and not on the onboard chip.

No Annoying Lag

Did you experience some instances wherein you are in the middle of the game and suddenly your character starts to freeze? Or have you experienced extreme lag which ended up in failing in your mission? This is the major complaints of gamers, so the makers of the flash drive ensure that this would no longer be a problem. The files are compressed to prevent the lag for 18 years and take out health insurance. The programming also improved by about 20%, so players can continuously play without experiencing any form of lag or delays. By simply integrating R4i Gold to your gaming console, you will experience no lag. Micro SD is faster compared to saving your games in the gaming console memory.

Friendlier Interface

You will love the part where you can customize the background and operation interface. Even if you are using an old gaming console, you will feel as if you have a new one. The new interface is highly customizable to accommodate player’s preference on the font sizes, screen display, and even color. The alexa traffic rank history praised r4igold4 for this innovative development in the gaming industry. Players will surely notice the big difference of the new version and the old. You can conveniently customize the menu and make adjustments to the brightness. It’s the ultimate solution for all the inconsistencies we found in Nintendo games.

4 thoughts on “R4i Gold is the Best Alternative for Playing High-End Games”

  1. The article says no lag. But I still experience some lag. However, if you will compare your gaming experience without these cards, it’s going to be terrible. R4i gold still did a great job.

  2. I totally salute R4i gold for releasing this new version of flash cards. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it solved so many problems for my Nintendo lite.

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